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If you couldn’t decide between the black and clear shades, get both of them!
Lash Liner has transformed the way you do lashes. This patent-pending, exclusive formula glides on the skin like butter. The adhesive formula provides the perfect texture for quick and easy lashes, no glue required and non-magnetic! It's compatible with any lashes and it's easy to apply and make adjustments.  
Pick your Blackest Lash Liner with intense pigmentation to add a cat-eye look to your makeup, great for a night out.  And enjoy a natural look with Clear Lash Liner and don't worry with precision because all mistakes are made with transparent lines and strokes!

Apply Lash Liner over any eyeshadow, glitter, or eyeliner look for seamless lash application! The product is non-toxic and re-usable, making adjustments easy and quick! 

Lash Liner has zero fuss and zero dry time.


Set contains 1 Lash Liner Black + 1 Lash Liner Clear. 



Pending Patent

Non Magnetic

No Glue Needed

Zero Dry Time



Adhesive Texture

Compatible with ANY Lash

Latex Free

Paraben Free


Easy Application


Long Lasting

100% Vegan and Cruelty Free

Precise, Flexible Tip

How to use:

Only 2 Steps:

1) With our Lash Liner Adhesive Eyeliner Pen, create a outline for your faux lash to adhere to.

2) Choose your favorite Lashes! And starting with the inner corner, slowly apply the lash to the outline of the eyeliner and place the lash as close to your natural lash line as possible.

Tip: Lightly press lash down to set in place for all day wear!

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