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The Eye Masters at Miss Pink have solved all of your end-of-the-day problems with just one cosmetic towel. The Erase Your Face is a premium, polyester cloth that breaks down even the toughest of makeup, including water-proof eyeliner and mascara! Let’s face it, the black eyeliner, panda look is NOT cute! The Erase Your Face uses double-sided technology that deep-cleans your face, ridding your pores of all dirt, oil, and makeup! The product gently cleanses and exfoliates all impurities without over-drying the skin! The best part is all you need is WATER! The Erase Your Face does all the work for you, no need for expensive cleansers and exfoliators. With an ultra-soft texture, cruelty-free formulation, and great for sensitive skin, the Miss Pink Erase Your Face is sure to be a staple in your beauty regime!

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